The Top 7 Best CRM For Real Estate in Australia | Updated (2024)

Best CRM For Real Estate in Australia

The real estate industry in Australia is growing swiftly in leaps and bounds, with no signs of stopping.

Research conducted by Research & Markets revealed that the Industry consumption volume increased with a CAGR of 0.6% between 2016 and 2021, reaching a total of 4.4 million units in 2021.

In a bid for realtors in Australia to better attract and serve their clients, they left with the option of seeking the best CRM for real estate to amplify their efforts.

Shortly, you will discover the seven best CRM software for real estate in Australia and how they can give you a competitive edge within your industry.

Without further ado, let’s get right in!

So, What is CRM software for Realtors?

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. As the name implies, CRM software is a system that enhances customer relationships through automation and workflows.

It helps real estate firms automate lead generation, manage appointments, schedule meetings, create workflows that save time, and many more.

When done right, a CRM system can be an extremely powerful tool for a realtor. Whether it is an affordable or expensive CRM software, it doesn’t matter. How best the realtor can use it to scale their business is what matters most.

Top Benefits of CRM Software for Real Estate Agencies

Lead Management

Leading management is one of the biggest and most significant benefits of CRM for real estate firms. It’s a no-brainer. Real estate is about leads. CRM software lets you capture more real estate leads. As a matter of fact, it manages your contacts and enables you to get the highest ROI on every contact.

Super-Charge Follow Ups

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “the money is in the follow-up.” It is true. Most real estate products are highly-priced, so it takes more than the first pitch to make a sale. CRM software helps realtors easily automate strategic follow-ups and reminders.

Monitor Social Media Campaigns in Real-Time

You can track your social media campaigns across multiple channels from a single dashboard. In addition, you can view your ad spends and ROI on each campaign too. Now, that is amazing.

Create Better Work Process

The best CRM software for real estate in Australia lets you systematize your onboarding, sales, marketing, and marketing processes. It helps real estate agents to map out a workflow that delights and converts a prospect into a buying customer.

Enhance Collaborative and Unity

Due to the nature of a realtor’s job, they are mostly on the field, attending to one client issue or another. CRM Software fosters collaboration by enabling different people to serve clients from a single dashboard.

Best CRM for Real Estate In Australia Comparison Chart

Real Estate CRM Pricing Free PlanFree Trial
Pipedrive CRM$11.9 Per user/monthNo14 Days
Zillow Premier Agent CRMFreeYesNil
Monday CRM$8 Per user/monthYes14 Days
Streak CRM for Real Estate$19 Per user/monthYes14 Days
Zoho CRM$18 Per user/monthNo14 Days
Agile CRM$14.99 Per user/monthYes14 Days
FreshSales CRM$15 Per user/monthYes21 Days

Best CRM for Realtors in Australia

  1. Pipedrive
  2. Zillow Premier Agent CRM
  3. Monday
  4. Streak CRM for Real Estate
  5. Zoho
  6. Agile CRM
  7. FreshSales

1. Pipedrive – Best Overall Real Estate CRM

Affordable Crm For Realtors
Pipedrive Snapshot

A leading media publication recently named Pipedrive CRM, the best real estate software. They’re a robust CRM software servicing over 100,000 companies across 179 countries.

Pipedrive helps realtors in Australia save time and generate more revenue primarily by creating pipelines, keeping track of clients’ conversations, and following up with their contacts. Beyond the metrics, it helps single agents to maintain a healthy relationship with their clients.

Meanwhile, realtors can easily create workflows with Pipedrive’s ‘drag n drop” builder and fully automate their real estate business for passive, predictable gains.

Top Features of Pipedrive

  • It has built-in marketing tools for email campaigns, text messages, and process automation.
  • It enables realtors to track their pipelines and portfolios across multiple platforms.
  • Easy segmentation of leads and contacts for effective follow-up and upsells.
  • Native mobile application for quick access to leads and appointment bookings.

Pros of Pipedrive

  • Low learning curve – it is simple to use
  • It integrates with Zillow, Property Radar, and other 300 apps.
  • It is affordable for a new realtor, single agent, or real estate firm.

Cons of Pipedrive

  • It has no free plan
  • Restrictions on some features based on the plan

Pricing of Pipedrive

  • $9.90/Per user per month for the essential package
  • $19.90/Per user per month for the advanced package
  • $39.90/Per user per month for the professional package
  • $59.90/ Per user per month for the enterprise package

2. Zillow Premier Agent CRM – Best Commercial Real Estate CRM

Affordable Crm For Realtors
Zillow Premier Agent CRM Snapshot

Built by Zillow, the most visited property marketplace in the United States, Zillow Premier Agent is a simple CRM for real estate agents in Australia. It arms a single agent with high-level customer insights and analytics needed to close more leads.

Zillow Premier Agent puts the individual realtor at the centre- of a sale by making them the only agents prospective home buyers see on their listings. This helps eliminate competition on the platform and increases the deal flow for the individual realtor.

Top Features of Zillow Premier Agent

  • It provides home buyer insights and analytics
  • It positions the realtor as an authority
  • It enables agents to create tasks and to-dos
  • Easily create custom reports

Pros of Zillow Premier Agent

  • It has a mobile app
  • It is free
  • It gives you an advantage over other realtors on Zillow

Cons of Zillow Premier Agent

  • It is only integrated with Zillow
  • It doesn’t have marketing tools

3. Monday CRM – Cheapest Real Estate CRM for Realtors

Affordable Crm For Realtors
Monday CRM Snapshot

Monday CRM is our list’s next top CRM for realtors in Australia. It’s a powerful work platform for managing tasks, communication, and leads.

Monday CRM is feature-rich with specific functionalities to help single agents and realtors grow their businesses. Primarily, It enables realtors to organize their schedules and deliver a unique service to new and existing clients.

Besides the usual sales and automation feature that most CRMs have, Monday takes it further to enable a property listing feature that allows realtors to keep track of their active listings.

Top Features of Monday CRM

  • It provides a robust real estate management solution
  • It allows users to create custom Agent Databases
  • Monday supports file-sharing, a great tool for adding and sending property photos to prospects.
  • It has other generic CRM features like contact management, workflow automation, integrations, etc.

Pros of Monday CRM

  • It is affordable
  • Create and manage property listings
  • View and track your prospects from a single dashboard
  • Automate sales process, routines, tasks, and appointments
  • Customization dashboard for greater personalization and productivity.

Cons of Monday CRM

  • It’sIt’s quite complex to operate for a newbie
  • Not enough integration options

Pricing of Monday CRM

  • $8/Per user per month for the basic package
  • $10/Per user per month for the standard package
  • $16/Per user per month for the pro package
  • and the enterprise package

4. Streak CRM

Streak CRM Snapshop

Streak CRM allows you to manage leads and transactions from inside Gmail. Streak CRM lets real estate firms their Gmail into a highly customizable, neat, and flexible workstation.

With Streak CRM, realtors can easily visualize their pipeline with deals, categorize them and track performance. The top of it is that it offers options for intelligent outreach and follow-ups, which serves as a lead-generation source for most realtors.

Top Features of Streak CRM

  • Make intelligent outreach with precision, follow-up, and get feedback
  • Efficient dashboards for contact management and visualization directly from Gmail
  • Automatically track your commissions and the ROI of each deal
  • Task and goal setup for increased productivity

Pros of Streak CRM

  • It is affordable and works for single agents and real estate teams
  • Easy to install, set up, and use. It has a low learning curve
  • Intelligent cold outreach tool for securing more deals
  • It comes with chrome and safari extensions

Cons of Streak CRM

  • It’sIt’s mainly for Gmail users
  • It lacks tools for marketing campaigns
  • It lacks some broad CRM features

Pricing of Streak CRM

  • $15/Per user per month for the solo package
  • $49/Per user per month for the pro package
  • $129/Per user per month for the enterprise package

5. Zoho CRM – Best Real Estate CRM for Lead Generation

Zoho Crm
Zoho CRM Snapshot

Zoho CRM is the next top-rated Australia CRM on our list. Zoho is a robust CRM software with lots of out-of-the-box features and functionalities.

It enables real estate agents to design exceptional sales management, property management, and automation process. Look no further if you’re looking for a real estate CRM with the most sales and customer-centric features.

With Zoho, you can generate leads from multiple sources like social media, telephony, offline campaigns, and business cards. It also has an AI assistant named Zia, which helps the realtor keep track of all appointments, meetings, and bookings.

Top Features of Zoho CRM

  • Manage and track leads with a UI-friendly dashboard
  • Create powerful workflows and automation sequences
  • Get an AI-enabled assistant for auto-reminders and scheduling.
  • Quickly draft and send invoices with its invoice management tool
  • Potent in-built analytic tools to make data-driven decisions

Pros of Zoho CRM

  • It is an affordable CRM for realtors
  • It’sIt’s flexible and offers tons of integration options
  • Great pipeline and forecasting management tool.
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile application available

Cons of Zoho CRM

  • No third-party integration for the free plan
  • AL features on top plans
  • Limited custom fields

Pricing of Zoho CRM

  • $12/Per user per month for the standard package
  • $20/Per user per month for the professional package
  • $35/Per user per month for the enterprise package
  • $45/Per user per month for the ultimate package

6. Agile CRM – Real Estate CRM with Website

Affordable Crm For Investors
Agile CRM Snapshot

Agile CRM is an end-to-end sales and marketing solution for industry professionals and teams. It works with various industries, although they have a unique solution with realtors and single agents.

With Agile CRM, realtors can quickly manage the flow and documentation of their entire sales process. Similarly, they can seamlessly manage appraisals, property listings, and sales.

Best of all, it offers easy integration with IDX websites, allowing you to display private listings from the IDX website on your custom-built website.

Top Features of Agile CRM

  • It delivers a built-in IDX website for you
  • It enables you to search for map listings in your geographical area
  • Integrate your map listing into your CRM
  • It allows you to embed videos and other assets on emails
  • Intelligent reporting and built-in analytics at your convenience

Pros of Agile CRM

  • It’sIt’s affordable and efficient
  • Pipeline management made easy
  • A minimal learning curve and a quick onboarding process

Cons of Agile CRM

  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Only one integration option on the starter package
  • Buggy email capabilities

Pricing of Agile CRM

  • $8.99/Per user per month for the starter package
  • $29.99/Per user per month for the regular package
  • $47.99/Per user per month for the enterprise package

7. Freshsales CRM

Affordable Crm For Single Agent
Freshsales CRM Snapshot

Freshsales is a CRM software and more. Freshsales lets you unify your sales and marketing while delivering a superior customer service experience.

With Freshsales force automation, you can put your real estate business on auto-pilot, automating from marketing to reporting. And that’s not even all. It allows you to identify which source brings you the best quality leads, maximize your efforts, and attribute your ROI to the right source every time.

Top Features of Freshsales CRM

  • Engage your customer across multiple channels
  • Get the requisite data to forecast sales and lead generation
  • Automatically capture clients into your CRM
  • It offers integrations with the tools you already use

Pros of Freshsales CRM

  • It has a free plan
  • Website integration tools and mobile apps
  • It has some marketing features to boost your marketing efforts
  • Advanced sales force automation

Cons of Freshsales CRM

  • The best tools are reserved for the top plans
  • Limited free plan

Pricing of Freshsales CRM

  • $15/Per user per month for the growth package
  • $39/Per user per month for the pro package
  • $69/Per user per month for the enterprise package

Closing Thoughts

One of the surest paths to real estate success is using the right technology. And the right real estate CRM software puts the icing on the cake.

The best part is that finance is not a barrier anymore. That’s the reason why we curated affordable and effective CRM software for real estate in Australia. With these CRM, there’s no limit to your success as a realtor or single agent.

Every CRM captured in this article is amazing. However, based on our usage and analysis, we recommend Pipedrive. It is affordable, feature-rich, and highly effective. It’ll let you compete globally and better delight your clients.

We will keep updating this post as we discover more affordable CRM software for realtors, do well to check back.

If you have questions, kindly share them in the comments box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a real estate agent need a CRM?

Yes, and Yes. In today’s business environment, every real estate agent needs CRM software in their endeavour. Besides the need to stay competitive, CRM software helps a realtor to serve their customer better and strengthen their relationship.

Does Keller Williams have a CRM?

Yes, Keller Williams has CRM Software for real estate agents. However, it’s an open-source CRM built in-house called KW Command. The KW Command CRM is not free. For better alternatives, go through our list of affordable CRM for realtors.

What per cent of real estate agents use a CRM?

It is estimated that about 51.2 realtors globally use CRM, which is set to increase in the coming years.

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