8 Best CRM For Recruitment Agencies in The UK | Updated (2024)

Best CRM For Recruitment Agencies in The UK

The emergence of innovative CRM software for recruitment agencies clearly signals industry growth.

Research conducted by Global News Wire revealed that the size of global online recruitment is projected to increase to $47316.1 million in 2029, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.1%.

As the recruitment industry grows, the level of competition will also increase. Many recruitment agencies will be competing for top talent in the UK. And to attract top talent, you need more than a fancy LinkedIn page and website. You need a recruiting CRM.

Shortly, you will discover the eight best CRM for a recruitment agency in the UK and how to leverage them for competitive advantage.

Without further ado, let’s get in!

So, What is CRM in Recruitment?

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. As the name implies, CRM software is a system that enhances customer relationships through automation and workflows.

It helps recruitment agencies to automate the interview and hiring processes, schedule meetings, create workflows that save time, and many more.

When done right, a CRM system can be a potent tool for a human resource manager. Whether it is an affordable or expensive CRM software, it doesn’t matter – how best the recruitment agency can use it to scale its business is what matters most.

Top Benefits of CRM for Recruiting

Attract & Retain Top Talents

The primary essence of recruitment is to hire and retain top talents. Similarly, a recruitment CRM helps you attract and retain top talent without raking your brain. The best of it is that you can easily integrate it with your website in a way that delivers every CV submission into your CRM software.

Engage Candidates Efficiently

It takes an average of one to two weeks for a company to respond to job applications. But come to think of it, what will the candidate do during the time lag? That’s precisely where a recruitment CRM comes in.

You can keep the candidate engaged and excited about your organization by sending them text messages and other vital material about your company.

Build a Repository for Future Hires

The thing is, you can only hire some job candidates that apply for a job. It could be due to the candidate’s quality, salary expectations, or even the time of application. A recruitment CRM ensures that you have a repository of candidates – easily accessible when needed.

Automate Meetings & interviews

We are in an era where everything can be automated with a CRM within 2 minutes or less, from workflows to meetings. That said, you don’t need to keep scheduling meetings whenever a new candidate applies for a job. Instead, you can automate once and use the same sequence for multiple candidates.

Best CRM For Recruitment Agencies UK

1. Zoho Recruit – Best Overall Recruitment CRM

Cover Zoho Recruit
Zoho Recruit

In 2021, Zoho Recruit was recognized as a leader in the talent acquisition space. While other recruitment CRMs in the UK boast of being efficient in a service area, Zoho recruit boasts of being an all-in-one talent acquisition solution.

With Zoho Recruit, recruitment agencies in the Uk don’t need another talent management system. And, whether you’re staffing agencies or internal HR teams, there’s a place for you with Zoho Recruit.

Best of all, the Zoho Recruit mobile app allows you to recruit, manage, and retain your talent from anywhere. All of which you can achieve while maintaining data privacy and security.

Top Features of Zoho Recruit

  • Automate the end-to-end hiring process using AI Recruitment
  • Optimize your recruitment process with advanced hiring analytics
  • Job advertising, career site, and onboarding
  • Carry out video interviews seamlessly and social recruiting
  • Resume management, background screening & referrals
  • Hiring pipeline and personalization marketing

Pricing of Zoho Recruit

  • It starts with a Free-forever plan
  • $20.84/Per user per month for the standard package
  • $41.67/Per user per month for the professional package
  • $62.5/Per user per month for the enterprise package

2. Testlify – Best Talent Assessment Platform

Testlify Talent Assessment Platform Appsumo 1

The next best CRM for recruitment agencies in the UK is Testlify. Essentially, Testlify is a talent assessment platform that makes hiring exciting. Organizations can now say goodbye to unconscious bias, giving all applicants an equal opportunity to showcase their talent.

Testlify takes it further to create a library of questions designed to test your candidate’s on-the-job skills. Also, Testlify allows you to optimize your screening processes to identify top talents 3x faster.

Top Features of Testlify

  • Unlimited assessments and recruiter seats
  • Premium test libraries and intelligent protocoring
  • ATS, API & Zapier integrations
  • Intelligent reports and insights
  • Lifetime deal

Pricing of Testlify

  • One-time purchase of $49

3. Monday.com – Best Talent Engagement Software

Image 138 1

Monday.com CRM for recruiting allows recruitment agencies in the UK to attract and engage top talent in an ever-competitive industry. It has all it takes to engage applicants and more. One thing I like about Monday.com is that it’s fully customizable. That means you’re not obliged to use the pre-determined dashboards: you can customize everything to suit your taste.

That’s not all; you can create your CRM system from ready-made templates or easily tailor any recruitment pipeline, workflow, and process to drive real business impact.

Top Features of Monday.Com

  • Robust automation focused on engaging potential hires
  • An intuitive dashboard for 360% of your recruitment process
  • Monday.com is 100% customizable and easy to operate
  • It’s open to integration, e.g. Slack, Google, Zoom etc.

Pricing of Monday CRM

  • $8/Per user per month for the basic package
  • $10/Per user per month for the standard package
  • $16/Per user per month for the pro package
  • and the enterprise package

4. CVViZ – Best Talent Onboarding Software

Ai Recruiting Software Online Recruitment Software Cvviz 1

CCiV is an AI-Powered recruitment software that automates candidate sourcing, matchmaking, and onboarding and gives intelligent insights into your hiring processes. It’s the best talent onboarding software for UK recruitment agencies on our list.

Used by over 100 companies globally, CCiV simplifies the process of sourcing and onboarding talents. With it, you can seamlessly post jobs on free and paid sites, qualify candidates using AI, and engage & hire candidates.

Additionally, CCiV lets you uncover the best talent in your existing database. Using AI technology, it quickly screens and matches top talents based on your criteria.

Top Features of CCiV

  • Find the right candidates for the right job using AI for resume qualification.
  • Post jobs to more than 2000 paid and free job posting websites in a click
  • Automatically source candidates from various niche platforms
  • Manage and onboard talents with recruitment CRM
  • Use video interview functionality to supercharge remote hiring

Pricing of CCiV

  • One-time purchase of $79

5. Pipedrive – Best Talent Management CRM

How To Use Crm For Recruiting Detail View Pipedrive Png 1392×712 1

Pipedrive’s CRM for recruitment agencies optimizes the recruiter’s productivity and supercharges the entire talent management process. Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM, yet very efficient in the recruitment process.

Pipedrive helps you attract and manage quality talents by enabling you to create a collaborative recruitment process. Even though your team or hires are geographically dispersed, Pipedrive allows you to manage everything by streamlining a powerful applicant tracking system with your CRM.

Top Features of Pipedrive

  • Streamline your hiring workflows
  • Manage applicants with ease
  • Communicate seamlessly with future hires
  • Build a pool of promising candidates
  • Integrates with other third-party software

Pricing of Pipedrive

  • $9.90/Per user per month for the essential package
  • $19.90/Per user per month for the advanced package
  • $39.90/Per user per month for the professional package

6. Clockster – Best HR Software for Retail

Clockster Staff Management App For F B And Retail 1 1

Clockster is a software that cuts HR overheads for SMEs by automating payroll, attendance, shift management and more. It’s a friendly and intuitive recruitment CRM for small and UK retail businesses. With

Clockster, you don’t need a human resource manager. It’s a mobile app that does every HR activity you could imagine, from payroll to time-tracking. If you run a small business, you shouldn’t look further than Clockster.

Top Features of Clockster

  • Complete suite for time & attendance tracking
  • Communication tool for leaves, claims, and more
  • Intelligent reporting and analytics
  • Announcements and chats

Pricing of Clockster

  • One-time purchase of $99

7. Recruit CRM – Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

Lucy 1

Recruit CRM is a top-rated CRM for recruitment agencies in the UK. It’s a one-stop solution to manage, automate, and generate a higher ROI while recruiting. Recruit CRM comes with a sophisticated ATS to keep track of your employees and candidates, no matter their location.

Trusted by recruitment firms in over 100 countries, recruit CRM lets you attract and engage top talents and manage them efficiently. Best of all, it has email integrations that enable you to follow up with your candidates easily.

Top Features of Recruit CRM

  • Sophisticated ATS & sourcing technology
  • A CRM to manage and follow up on opportunities
  • Reports & dashboards for data-driven insights
  • It has a Chrome extension, mobile app, email integration and more
  • Process and data customization

Pricing of Recruit CRM

  • $40/Per user per month for the team package
  • $65/Per user per month for the business package
  • $79/Per user per month for the enterprise package

8. Lucy HR Assistant – Best Recruitment Software for CEOs

Recruitcrm Recruit Crm Applicant Tracking System Image 1

Lucy HR Assistant is a simple virtual interview software for CEOs. It lets you quickly set up and schedule interviews with prompts and questions. The best part is that it has a mobile application to interview candidates from any location.

Top Features of Lucy HR Assistant

  • It allows you to reach more candidates
  • Connect personally with hires
  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Give workplace scenario

Pricing of Lucy HR Assistant

  • One-time purchase of $89

Closing Thoughts

One of the surest paths to recruiting success is using the right technology. And the proper recruitment CRM software puts the icing on the cake.

The best part is that finance is not a barrier anymore. That’s why we curated both pricey and affordable CRM for recruitment agencies in the Uk. With these CRM, there’s no limit to your success as an agency, CEO, or organization.

Every CRM captured in this article is fantastic. However, based on our usage and analysis, we recommend Zoho Recruit. It is affordable, feature-rich, and highly effective. It’ll let you compete globally and better attract quality candidates.

We will keep updating this post as we discover more recruitment software, do well to check back.

If you have questions, kindly share them in the comments box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do recruiters use CRM?

Yes, recruitment uses customer relationship management (CRM) software. It helps them automate the hiring process, attract talents, create workflows, create marketing campaigns and lots more.

What platform do recruiters use the most?

They use the following platforms:

  • Zoho Recruit – Best Overall Recruitment CRM
  • Testlify – Best Talent Assessment Platform
  • Monday – Best Talent Engagement Software
  • CVViZ – Best Talent Onboarding Software
  • Pipedrive – Best Talent Management CRM
  • Clockster – Best HR Software for Retail
  • Recruit CRM – Best Recruiting Software for Small Business
  • Lucy HR Assistant – Best Recruitment Software for CEOs

What is the best software for recruitment?

From our analysis, the best software for recruitment is Zoho Recruit. It’s an all-in-one solution to your recruitment need.

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