5 Top HR Software In Canada (Expert’s Choice)

HR software in Canada

Human resources (HR) contributes heavily to a company’s growth. As your team grows, handling HR tasks becomes complex, thus making it difficult to monitor all moving parts. HR systems can work explicitly with the right technology, from the hiring process, employee onboarding, and scheduling to compliance and benefits.

The proper human resource management system empowers your entire HR workforce to maintain complete control of employee data and approvals with workflow automation.

Without HR, working for everyone in the industry is a brawl. With the right solution, HR teams will find it easier to cope with time-consuming recruitments and onboarding workflows.

If you want to jump on board with millions of other companies in Canada that leverage human resource systems, we got you covered. This article comprises the top HR software in Canada that will bring you on board. But before that, let’s see what HR software is and its features:

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What is HR Software?

HR software is a digital solution that helps organizations simplify HR-related processes such as employee information management and document routing. Human resource software could also be called human resource management systems (HRMS) or human resource information systems.

HR seamlessly saves labor time for managers and HR staff through automation. More correctly assists the HR process, allowing decision-making, budget management, and better planning.

For instance, based on historical data, you can know the number of employees needed in a particular year so that recruitment resources can be allocated and mobilized accordingly. This is how HR software operates, so interesting right? Yes.

How HR Can Benefit Your Business

Executives can manage the attendance of their workers and regulate tasks in their handy mobile application using HR software. HR software is like a well-oiled machine where all components work together to keep it moving forward, carrying out its function.

HR can automate entire HR operations, such as;

recruiting and hiring

calculation of wages and salaries

keeping statistics on HR and recruiting processes

employee self-service

creation of polls of any complexity

reminders to employees about colleagues’ birthdays and other significant events

And to be a driving force of change, HR needs to define a set of desirable features that align with an organization’s business objectives.

Features of HR Software


The function of payroll is to calculate and pay salaries, withhold the appropriate taxes and deductions, and organize the printing and delivery of paychecks.

It can equally be called the most valuable feature of HR software. Automating payroll provides clear advantage that includes;

Easy access to compensation and reward data

A coordinated approach that doesn’t rely on a collection of files, databases, and spreadsheets.

A reduction in staffing time and overhead

Employee Portal:
A human resource software can organize and store financial data—for instance, employee data like their salaries and insurance plans with banking and tax details.

Performance Evaluation:

Following the HBR report, managing promotions is among the steps leaders take to excel. HR software efficiently simplifies the assessment process by considering KPAs and KRAs.

It gives more transparency and punctuality to every employee.

Recruitment and Hiring:
Hiring is one of the prominent features of HR software. It makes sure the workforce capabilities and performance match organizational goals. HR software must analyze the market to find the right person with an accurate and detailed description.

Integration Options:
Integrating the HR system with other software used within an enterprise can be very valuable. For instance, information technology systems can benefit from knowing about new hires and terminations.

Time and Attendance:
HR software typically provides features to track absences and capture working hours on a timesheet. And ensure that the system can accommodate cooperate policies and practices. It makes timekeeping simple for employees using a mobile browser.

Top HR Software in Canada

1. Rippling

Employer Of Record Services In Canada - Rippling

Rippling combines all the workforce systems scattered across a company, like a payroll. With payroll, you can manage and automate every part of the employee lifecycle in a single system.

Rippling is a software company providing cloud-based HR and IT employee management software. It was founded in 2006 by Parker Conard and had locations in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore. Rippling can automatically add employees to distribution lists and slack channels and cut off access when people leave the company.

As of October 2018, ripping reportedly has over one thousand customers and earns revenue in seven figures.

Core Features Of Rippling

  • Onboarding and offboarding: The users can onboard employees across every department with a single click. When employees are offboarded, the system automatically turns off departing employees’ devices.
  • Benefits administration: The system streamlines all a company’s benefits offering in one place. Users can shop for benefits for new members to receive recommendations on the best option.
  • IT and operations management: Users can automatically buy, configure, secure, and manage company devices with an IT system connected to a single employee record. Administrators gain visibility into every device across the company.
  • Time tracking: Managers can review and approve vacations request with a click. They can set a PTO policy that meets the requirement of the team.
  • Payroll: The payroll feature is synced with all employee data and HR systems. New hires are set up in payroll and pro-rated automatically.
  • Security: managers can turn off computers during offboarding, encrypt employees’ hard drives, enable multi-factor authentication, push OS and security updates, and lock and wipe lost or stolen devices.

Pricing details

Pricing Starts: $35/Month

2. Oyster EOR

Employer Of Record Services In Canada - Oyster

Oyster is cloud-based human resources management software that provides a comprehensive solution for payroll, benefits, time and attendance, and other HR functions.

The software is designed to be flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of small to medium-sized businesses across various industries. Tony Jamous is the CEO of Oyster, a global HR platform that empowers companies to hire pay and care for talented teammates regardless of location.

Oyster’s mission is to unlock global job opportunities to improve people’s health, communities, local economics, and the environment. You also get an online platform that’s intuitive, simple to learn, and easy to navigate through.

Core Features Of Oyster

Time off management


Compensation management

Recruiting management

Performance appraisal

Payroll management

Employee database

Applicant tracking

Self-service portal

Benefits management

HR compliance management

Time off management

Pricing details

Basic Plan Starts: $0/Month

3. Rippling

Employer Of Record Services In Canada - Multiplier

Multiplier is a leading global employment platform that allows firms to employ crews internationally. Its proprietary technology simplifies the employment process by managing the complexities of labor contracts, taxes, payroll, and benefits.

Multiplier aims to create a better world by removing barriers to international hiring most transparently and sustainably. Multiplier enables businesses to engage with talent legally and effortlessly. This platform makes it easy to scale a business without the hassle or risk that traditionally accompanies global hiring.

Core Features Of Multiplier

Audit management

Benefits dashboard

Compliance management

Compliance tracking

Electronic forms

Employee database

Employee profile


Payroll management

Recruitment management

Reporting and analysis

Self-service portal

Tax Compliance

Vacation leave tracking

Pricing details

Pricing Starts: $20/Month

4. Deel

Hr Software In Canada

Deel is compliance software that simplifies international hiring for businesses of all sizes. Its global presence lets any company hire a remote employee or contractor in over 150 countries. Deel was founded in 2019 by Alex Bouaziz and Shuo Wang.

Furthermore, HR professionals can integrate Deel with their accounting and reporting software. Contractors on the Deel platform benefit from a modern payment experience, with flexible withdrawals in over 120 currencies.

Deel is built with security in mind. Its clients and GDPR compliant can manage DPA agreements, IP protection, and equipment used at any time through the dashboard.

Core Features Of Deel

  • Some of the key features include:

Locally compliant contracts: a key feature of Deel that makes every business want to switch to it is its network of more than 200 local legal partners. With this number, you can forward contracts to team members’ jurisdiction with less stress.

    1. HR support: Deel lets you access HR tasks like managing paid time off. Deel makes the HR aspect of your business seamless.
    2. One-click payroll: with Deel, you can efficiently perform transactions in bulk. Your employees get their money via bank transfers as soon as payments are made.
    3. Aggregated invoice: Deel allows you to manage the invoices of your employees in just one portal. This means you can pay your worker worldwide with a snap.
    4. Tax assistance: you can file your tax document easily. Deel has the interest of both CEO and employee at heart. Once it’s tax season, you can also file your contractor’s 1099s on a snap straight from your dashboards.


Job profiles & administration

Payroll tracking and auditing

Employee recognition

Applicant tracking

5. Monday.Com

Top Hr Software In Canada Monday

Monday. Com is an open platform allowing HR managers to create personalized solutions to meet their team’s needs. With the platform, you must follow the recruitment process of all candidates and integrate new employees. In addition, create all kinds of models to save your team time.

Core Features Of Monday.com

Recruitment pipeline:

Monday.com helps you make better, smarter decisions about managing your hires. You can also automate recruitment workflows and track candidates through the entire process.

Once a candidate moves through the recruitment pipeline, you can track their information with an employee onboarding checklist.

Dashboards allow users to create summaries, custom reports, and analytics dashboards to keep up with different processes within the organization. Dashboards can combine multiple boards into a centralized summary to help managers get a high-level view of HR processes.

Employee engagement surveys:

Employees can easily create a board with all the employees who should survey. Monday. Com advises that the committee include vital details, such as employee name, email address, and start date.

Team collaboration and task management:
This platform makes it easy for managers to assign tasks to employees. You can also get dependency tasks to automate workflows so that once one person completes a job, the next person can be alerted to start their portion of the workflow.

Pricing details


The top five HR software are Rippling, Oyster, Multiplier, Deel, and Monday.com as earlier mentioned. Each software has its unique features, pricing, and benefits. By understanding these features, one can pick solid HR software that meets the needs of the company.

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