6 Best CRM for Blind Manufacturers

crm for blind manufacturers

The ineffectiveness of blinds and low rate of consumer spending on blinds has crippled the growth of most Blinds manufacturing companies. As a blinds manufacturer, you must wake up before the flood reaches your side.

Don’t expect people to spend on a less-valued product; they need to know what they want to buy and understand its usage before patronizing you. They will spend more money on your blinds product and remain loyal to you only when it perfectly meets their needs.

We’ve conducted intensive research and found out that the below-listed ones in this article could tackle the industry’s problem.

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So, the best CRM for Blind manufacturers is what?

Top window Blind manufacturers consider Hubspot CRM the best overall as it’s the only CRM that perfectly handles the industry’s challenges. Researchers recorded that Lack of customer awareness, ineffectiveness of blinds, and decrease in consumer spending are the factors that have been affecting the growth of blinds manufacturing industries over decades.

Most people are not aware of the benefits of window blinds and their usage. Also, Window blinds usually become ineffective when the user handles the cord or slats improperly. This declines the spending rate of the user on blinds.

So, Hubspot is the only CRM widely known to offer proper awareness creation and education with the help of its Email marketing feature. Other CRMs has the same feature, but Hubspot vendor outdid themselves in designing a CRM with the most powerful nurturing feature.

Read through to see how this powerful CRM increases the growth of window blind manufacturing companies.

1. Pipedrive - Sales-Focused

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Pipedrive CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution to streamline the sales process. It’s built hand-in-hand by hardcore salespeople and ex-Skypers. Pipedrive organizes leads in a way you’ll always have a great overview of sales and makes you focus on the important deals first.

It’s highly recommended for blind manufacturing companies that want to focus more on the sales aspect of their business and those with limited technical support staff. Pipedrive’s feature of having an already-to-use standard sales pipeline that can be easily updated to suit your needs sets it apart from others.

How Pipedrive CRM boosts the growth of blind manufacturing companies

Sales planning: Pipedrive CRM allows you to view the schedules of your customers’ appointments along with the potential of their various homes so you can place the right sales team members in the locations where they are most needed, thus optimizing your team’s performance. It also evaluates the company to understand its position in the marketplaces.

Sales Pipeline Management: Blind manufacturers use Pipedrive CRM to track sales opportunities from start to finish and analyze the failures and successes along the way to make improvements. When done effectively, it also helps them to define ideal sales strategies for promoting growth.

Sales Reports: Pipedrive CRM helps managers monitor the performance of their sales team, plan effective sales strategies, decide on a sales forecasting process, and, most importantly, maintain or reduce the sales cycle length.

Dashboard: All of your business aspects are reflected in your Pipedrive CRM dashboard, and you can capture all real-time information. You can also see the total number of customers, suppliers, new purchase product quantity, pending invoices and orders, new orders, and manufacturing quantity. It also lets you see your monthly sales amount and order in a graphical representation.

Pricing details

Free Trial: 14 Days

2. Hubspot - Best for Boosting Relationships

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Hubspot CRM is a cloud-based CRM designed for inbound marketing. It perfectly grows your brand awareness by enabling you to identify and understand the needs of your target audience. Its Email marketing feature allows you to create marketing campaigns to reach more of your target audience by testing which messages work.

Improper window blinds usage decreases the spending rate of customers on blinds, so Hubspot CRM helps you to educate your potential customers about your blinds and the best way to use them. This cultivates a relationship between you and eventually turns them into returning customers, making them spend more on blinds.

What’s great about Hubspot CRM is that it lets you reach your customers directly with the help of its email marketing feature. So, showing up in their email inbox helps your brand stay current in their minds.

How Hubspot CRM boosts the growth of blinds manufacturing companies

Email marketing: Hubspot CRM makes the customers on your email list aware of your window blind products and services. It also allows you to educate your audience on the value of your brand and keep them engaged between purchases.

Appointment scheduling: The Hubspot CRM has a smart calendar feature for blind manufacturers to schedule customer appointments. It makes it easier for the sales reps to contact the customer’s home for measurements and installations. This increases the chance of scheduling more appointments and the spending rate of the users.

Marketing automation: It is usually difficult to manually create marketing activities. Hubspot CRM automates marketing campaigns and other activities to save time and money. This increases a brand’s ability to put the right content in front of customers at the right time, which leads to greater marketing ROI.

Email tracking: Hubspot CRM allows you to monitor whether the intended recipient reads the email message. It uses some form of digitally time-stamped record to reveal the exact time and date when an email is received or opened. It also

capture data on open rates and locations and click-throughs on links and attachments.

Communications management: With Hubspot CRM, you can implement and monitor all the channels and contents of communication within your blind manufacturing company. It ensures that the flow of information within your company or between multiple companies is managed properly.

Pricing details

Free Plan: Yes

3. Zoho - Highly Customizable

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Zoho CRM is a highly customizable customer relationship management system that helps window blind manufacturing companies cope with expansion challenges. It’s a scalable solution that will grow with your business.

Zoho CRM allows you to create a page tailored to your business needs and save it as a template. Its vast customization options are more extensive than other CRMs. We appreciate that all Zoho CRM tiers provide customization options, including custom fields and list views.

At the Ultimate level, you can gain many custom modules and fields.

How Zoho CRM boosts the growth of blind manufacturing companies

Customizable reports: Zoho CRM enables you to monitor the productivity of your technicians to ensure you’re on top. It gives you a top-level overview of all the activity completed on your OnePageCRM account. You can generate and save email reports tailored to your needs.

Customizable templates: Zoho CRM Custom templates are a page (or group of pages) you create and then save as a template. Creating it by yourself allows you to tailor it to your business needs.

Custom branding: A brand that offers customers a unique personalized product/service that differentiates it from rivals. With Zoho CRM, you can create unique names and images recognizable by customers. This makes your brand stand out in the eyes of your customers.

Configurable workflow: Zoho CRM allows you to standardize the processes and activities associated with each transaction, creating several benefits. It also enables you to define what needs to be done, and the system automatically initiates workflows and alerts the staff members who need to carry it out.

Pricing details

Free Trial: 14 Days

4. Blinds Portal - Best for Usability

Blinds Portal

Blinds Portal CRM is a software solution mostly considered by top blinds manufacturing companies. This CRM digitizes the business process from scheduling the measurement through payroll for installers, reducing costly communication errors and saving hours of admin time. It is 100% user-friendly.

Once a customer’s call enters, instead of searching through paper files, you type in a few letters in your Blinds portal CRM to get all your customer’s information in one place. When You are out on the job and need to call the next client, instead of going out to your truck to find their file, Blinds Portal CRM makes it easy to click the customer’s phone number from the app and call them.

How Blind's portal CRM boosts the growth of blind manufacturing companies

User management: As your company grows, you will have employees come and go. Blinds Portal makes it easy to add new people and decommission inactive users. Here, you have full control over your employee accounts.

Measures: Blinds portal CRM makes it easy to enter measurements quickly into the mobile app while on the job site. You can track width, height, depth, two or three-on-one, and flag a window with various traits like inside or outside mount, wood, metal, extra tall, etc.

Installer Analytics: The Blinds portal gives you a birds-eye view of how each of your Installers is doing over time and how much revenue they bring in vs how much they are getting paid. It enables you to know who your top performers are.

Email Notifications: With Blinds Portal, you can automatically send emails to your customers to let them know when you’ve scheduled their job and remind them when you are coming on the day of the job. This is a great way of keeping your customers in the loop.

Pricing details

Free Trial: 14 Days

5. Monday - Excellent for Customer Service

Customizable Crm

Monday CRM is a dedicated customer relationship management software that enables manufacturing companies to manage all customer data in one centralized place and boosts your team’s productivity. It is widely known to offer free 24/7 access to customer support and visibility into the sales pipeline to boost the productivity of blind companies. You submit your questions and details through their contact page, and a representative will get back to you immediately.

How Monday CRM boosts the growth of blinds manufacturing companies

Live chat: Monday CRM allows you to have real-time conversations with potential and existing customers, which can lead to more customers becoming interested in your company. It has several benefits for your business. It allows you to gather and store information from all the customers you have been chatting with.

Call management refers to the processes and systems businesses and organizations use to handle incoming calls. It ensures customers receive timely and satisfactory responses to their calls and tracks callers to build relationships with clients and prospects.

Communication management: Monday CRM ensures a smooth flow of information between you and your customers. It focuses on reaching a company’s target audiences by planning and implementing different methods of communication.

Pricing details

Free Plan: Yes

6. Zendesk - Best for Getting Quality Leads

Crm For Mergers And Acquisitions

Zendesk CRM is an all-in-one customer relationship software that maximizes productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for blind manufacturing companies. It prioritizes lead generation and CRM best practices, ensuring high adoption among your team and return on investment.

There is sobering evidence that Zendesk CRM is focused on empowering the sales team to win more deals. So, it’s highly recommended for blinds-producing industries that want to expand their reach, get higher-quality leads, and win more deals.

How Zendesk CRM boosts the growth of blinds manufacturing companies

Lead management: Using CRM software like Zendesk, you can track all meaningful leads, move them along the sales pipeline, and ultimately make sales. It will also prevent leads from slipping through the cracks and keep you communicating with meaningful leads.

Lead segmentation: Zendesk CRM allows you to break your collection of leads into smaller lists based on their actions, which you can use to send more convincing marketing messages. It also enables you to address specific needs, showing people which problems you will solve for them or giving them any reason to believe they should buy from you.

Lead capture: Zendesk CRM has a specially designed landing page to capture information about your leads: name, email, phone number, etc. This information is collected through a lead capture form to help you build relationships with your leads.

CRM: With this Zendesk CRM, you can bring about your assertion by adding new customers by filling out the name and other information. Also, you can get a list of your customers that will aid you in managing them properly.

Pricing details

Free Trial: 14 Days

Wrapping it up!

It is widely known that Hubspot CRM is the best CRM for blind manufacturers as it is specifically for nurturing. It is the tested and trusted CRM, but you need to understand your company’s needs to tailor its usage to it.

Pipedrive CRM vendors also outdid themselves in providing a CRM that streamlines the sales of blinds manufacturing companies. So, you can still go for it. Please don’t forget the usability nature of Blindsportal, as it makes everything easy for you and saves you time.

Good luck! As you select the best.

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