Is Outreach a CRM? (Myth Busted)

Is Outreach a CRM

“How is it that your software is getting a 40% reply rate on email when we get 5%?

That’s when it dawned on me. What if we turned around and took this tool and sold it to the people doing the selling? My partners agreed that we should go for it.”

Those are the words of Outreach CEO Manny Medina.

You see, from the foundation, Outreach was built as a selling tool. Not just an email marketing or customer database management tool, but a tool that’ll make the work of salespeople a little easier. And, of course, help them in closing more deals.

Now let’s get back to the question. Is Outreach a CRM?

Well, Outreach is more than a CRM. It’s a sales intelligence tool that shortens sales processes and helps the sales team close more deals. It’s open to integrations for the most significant CRMs and works best when integrated with your CRM software. The best part is that Outreach uses AI and machine learning in facilitating sales execution and conversions.

Outreach Overview

Thanks to Outreach salespeople can now infuse intelligence into the art of sales, close the sales execution gap, and win the hearts of their prospects using AI. It takes the guesswork off sales processes by empowering salespeople with the right prompts at the right time.

Outreach CEO Manny Medina said, and I quote: “Customers should think of Outreach as a layer of automation on top of the existing customer relationship management stack.” In other words, Outreach puts the icing on the cake. It’s not a CRM, but it expands the functionality of a CRM with automation and artificial intelligence.

How Outreach Helps Salespeople in Close More Deals

There are three core products of Outreach that turn sales teams into revenue-generating machines.

  1. Outreach Engage
  2. Outreach Guide
  3. Outreach Commit

Outreach Engage

Outreach Engage is their ultimate sales product. It assists sales organizations in maximizing prospecting by leveraging engagement workflows that turn insights into actions. With Outreach Engage, every sales rep can close deals like your top sales reps. There are playbooks on the platforms that new sales reps can consume to up their knowledge about sales best practices and other skills,

Outreach Engage is also where automation and workflows live. Sales teams can automate most routine activities like email responses, meeting reminders, customer follow-ups, and reporting. By setting up workflows and triggers, your team will save time and focus on only the vital sales activities.

Outreach Guide

Outreach Guide is the deal management aspect of Outreach. It gives sales reps the AI assistant they knew never needed. During sales calls, emails, and meetings, the AI assistant guides sales reps by suggesting next steps and knowledge prompts that’ll help them shorten the sales circle. It would interest you to know that Outreach’s AI-powered assistant Kaia uses real-time Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand sales conversations and make intelligent prompts and suggestions.

And that’s not even all, because we are humans and are bound to be distracted and forgetful at times. Kaia assists by automating note-taking and resource suggestions during sales meetings, chats, and emails. This increases reps productivity by a whopping 30%.

Outreach Commit

When it comes to revenue forecasting and predictive analysis, Outreach Commit is king. It takes away unguarded assumptions and second-guessing from decision-makers and top executives and enables them to make only intelligent and fact-based decisions that improves revenue.

Also, Outreach Commit acts as your emergency system. It is saddled with analyzing pipeline deals and raising the alarm when there’s a possibility of danger. Not only does it alert, but it also helps in fixing sales pipeline issues before they escalate.

What is the difference between Outreach and HubSpot?

Outreach is a sales intelligence platform, while HubSpot is a customer relationship management software (CRM). CRM software is a tool for managing and enhancing a company’s relationship with its prospective and existing customers. It helps businesses coordinate, organize, and enrich their sales processes to build meaningful relationships with clients.

Outreach is focused on helping the sales team close more deals and increase revenue using AI-powered assistants and intelligence. Outreach integrates with HubSpot in a two-way sync method. Imagine using HubSpot – a top-rated CRM with Outreach. The results will be insanely cool.

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What is Outreach io Pricing?

Outreach does not display its pricing on its website as of the time of writing. It is only available on request. This might probably change in the future when you’re reading this article. If you want to know their pricing, you can request it from their website.

Who are outreach io competitors & alternatives?

  1. InsideSales
  2. HubSpot SalesHub
  4. Mixmax
  5. Gong
  6. ZoomInfo Engage
  7. Reply
  8. Groove

Does Outreach io have a free trial?

Unfortunately, Outreach does not have a free trial at the moment. To subscribe to Outreach, you’ll need to book a demo section with the team on the website. Then after that, you make payments, and they onboard you.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a platform that’ll supercharge your sales efforts, then Outreach is the right deal. It’s not a CRM, but it is open for integration to most CRM platforms. Alone, Outreach can still deliver phenomenal results.

If you have any questions, comments, or contributions, kindly share them in the comment section.

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