6 Best CRM for Consultants (Latest Review)

There’s nothing as frustrating as losing clients due to a broken sales process due to an inefficient CRM for consultants. The effect of the pain is even more intense when you recall the huge budget spent on advertisements to get them.

You’ll agree that clients are every consulting business’s lifeblood. And as such, they deserve our attention at every phase of their journey.

Having a CRM is one of the best investment decisions you’ll make for your business. Not any regular consulting CRM but one that is dedicated to service providers and consulting firms.

With a consulting-focused CRM, the heartbreak that comes with losing clients is reduced. Instead, you’ll be able to automate your business, and streamline communications.

“The big benefit of CRM is the visibility of everything relating to customers going on in your company. If you want to provide a better service to your customer, you have to be able to manage everything from complaints to sales opportunities.” 

Roger Cole

Table of Contents

Six Best Consulting CRM Software

  • Salesmate
  • Zoho
  • Capsule
  • Accelo
  • Pipedrive
  • Monday

1. Salesmate CRM - Best Overall

crm for consulting companies

Salesmate CRM software empowers consulting businesses to get more leads by building relationships. It gives them the relevant knowledge and insights to close more deals. With Salesmate, consulting businesses can create workflows for automating lead generation.

Ever send an email and wonder if the clients open, read or click on it or not? You can create an alert based on your client’s interaction with your email on Salesmate. The alert will trigger and create a follow-up task on your calendar when the client reads or clicks on the email.

CRM software helps you automate for improved productivity. With Salesmate Workflow, you can automate manual activities and tasks. For instance, data entry, appointment scheduling, and follow-ups. Leaving you with more time to focus on your core business.

And that’s not even all. Salesmate can be your assistant. You can work anywhere, and at any time with Salesmate’s mobile application. Enabling you to control your entire business like you never left.

Salesmate Pricing

Free Trial: 15 Days

2. Zoho CRM - Budget Option

consulting crm

Zoho CRM needs little or no introduction. It’s one of the most efficient CRM platforms out there.
Zoho services many industries but with a particular preference for service-driven businesses. It helps small consulting firms to get a 360% view of their customer’s details, leads, and accounts.

With its customization options consulting firms can have complete control over their CRM. They can create custom business processes and other integrations.

Zoho enables you to streamline all business communications under a single ecosystem. Zoho eliminates the need for much software. It does this by unifying your entire business communications and processes.

Personalize your customer’s journey to keep them engaged throughout the sales funnel. Zoho’s AI capability allows you to segment your customers for effective email campaigns.

That’s not even all. Zoho helps you 10x your customer engagement rate with Telephony integrations. Connect with over 50 telephony providers to boost your customer’s experience.

Zoho Pricing

Free Trial: 15 Days

3. Capsule CRM - Best Extra Features

crm for professionals

Level up your small consulting business with Capsule CRM for Professional Services. This CRM prioritizes building relationships and possesses the required tools for client engagement.

Capsule CRM brings your whole team, communications, and information together. No more disjointed processes. Your team members can send emails, file notes: and even make calls from your dashboard.

How do you even know whether your business is growing or not? Capsule Reporting Suite gives you access to key insights on the performance of your business. Insights like sales opportunities lost, those won, monthly revenue, and much more.

Capsule CRM permits integrations with all your favorite apps. With a click or two and you’re set. integrate Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Sage, and other apps for productivity.

One of the most amazing things about Capsule CRM is that the learning curve is low. Your team won’t need to spend weeks and months learning how to use the platform. It’s intuitive and easy to use, leaving your team with enough time to focus on serving your clients.

Capsule Pricing

Free Trial: 30 Days

4. Pipedrive - Best for Usability

pipedrive crm

Pipedrive is a CRM for building customer relationships. It’s one of the best CRM for small business consulting for driving sales performance. Pipedrive optimizes your business processes for pre-sales, sales, and after-sales activities.

Pipedrive’s intuitive CRM lets you create effective pipelines for your business. You can visually create stages of your sales process with a simple “drag n’ drop” builder. Even though you cannot make one from scratch, you can choose a pipeline in the template library.

Here’s where it gets interesting, Pipedrive enables you to track your team’s progress. It monitors your performance and gives you real-time reports to keep you on track. All you have to do is to set a sales goal and let Pipedrive do the rest.

Automation is not left out on Pipedrive CRM. Those manual, repetitive tasks of yours can be on autopilot. Save more time for your team by eliminating manual processes with Pipedrive’s automation.

Pipedrive Pricing

Free Trial: 14 Days

5. Accelo - Best for Customer Service

crm for consulting

Accelo aims at helping consulting firms boost their productivity and profitability. Accelo is all about sales, projects, and everything in between.

With Accelo, you can systematize your entire sales process. Automating quotes, proposals, notifications, follow-ups, and other relevant sales activities.

When it comes to project management, Accelo is not left out. Effortlessly create, manage, track, and complete all your projects without leaving the platform. Use Accelo’s Client Work Management platform to notify your clients of each milestone.

Take your customer experience to a new level by leveraging Accelo’s ticketing system. It enables you to convert emails into support tickets, track each ticket, and refer to them in the future.

Accelo comes with a dedicated product that allows you to manage and keep more clients. Know your retainers, their recurring incomes, and identify profitable clients on your dashboard. Accelo’s Intelligent Reporting Platform empowers consulting firms with crucial business insights. 

Accelo Pricing

Free Trial: 14 Days

6. Monday CRM

crm for consulting

Monday CRM for consulting businesses focuses on project management. An essential determinant of repeat patronage is excellent project delivery.

Monday lets you manage your projects in one dashboard. Every one of them. Also, you can view the timeline and progress rate of the project.

Tailor your client’s projects to their specific needs on the platform. Monday allows you to create boards for each project. Enabling you to personalize and track the deliverables of the project.

Monday facilitates remote and collaborative work. Your team can easily collaborate on a project, brainstorm, and send files on the platform.

Monday CRM Pricing

Free Trial: 7 Days

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a CRM for your small consulting business – then you should look no further than this list.

They were hand-picked by our team to suit your business needs and budget.

I know how frustrating losing a client can be. I’ve been there before. And when it stings the most, it’s when you knew you could have averted it earlier.

How do you even grow your business without a system? A CRM gives you the system and structure you need to hit your sales goals.

A CRM can shift your small consulting business from point A to B; take advantage of this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Small businesses can use CRM. Especially to manage their contact database leads, and sales pipelines – all from a single dashboard.

From our expert’s review, Hubspot is the best and most user-friendly CRM platform for small businesses. It’s super-easy to use, flexible, and open to integration.

CRM in consulting is a tool for managing and enhancing a company’s relationship with its prospective and existing customers. It helps consultants manage their client’s pipelines and automate existing business processes. 

Primarily, the things to look out for in business consulting software are customizability, scalability, integration-friendly, active customer support, and alignment with your business goals. Once you get these right, then the rest becomes a walkover.

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