Top 6 Best CRM For Venture Capital Firms

best CRM for Venture Capital

Finding the best CRM software for your Venture Capital business depends on your unique needs and preferences. While some persons prefer budget-friendly CRM, others prefer activity-based CRM. Our research showed us that finding a high-potential company to invest in is the main priority.

This indicates that a CRM like Pipedrive with sourcing capability is the best fit for VCs. Nevertheless, in whatever category you belong, we have curated the best CRM software to solve your immediate business needs.

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So, What is the Best CRM Software for Venture Capital?

Overall, we recommend Pipedrive as the best CRM software for Venture Capital as it is the only CRM proven to have strong sourcing and investment management capability.

Sourcing for the correct type of companies that fit your investment criteria is the lifeblood of every Venture Capital firm. As a V.C., before moving a company down your pipeline, you need to speak with experts familiar with the industry in which the company operates.

So, Pipedrive CRM helps you get the required expertise. Even if you are not connected to the person, Pipedrive will enable you to see who on your network knows them. The connection can provide their contact information so you can proceed with your due diligence.

Pipedrive CRM also works perfectly in tracking active investments in real-time and keeps you up-to-date with performance. It enables VCs to set up sections for future threads, such as the next investment round.

Best CRM for Venture Capital

1. Pipedrive

Best Crm For Real Estate Canada

Used by over 100,000 Venture Capital firms globally, Pipedrive stands as one of the most preferred CRMs in

Essentially, CRMs is a sales-oriented CRM that helps organizations effortlessly sell more. On average, it allows salespeople to close 28% more deals than they would normally do.

And that’s not even all. Pipedrive empowers venture capitalists to automate repetitive tasks, gain deeper insights into their clients, manage leads, and ultimately delight their customers.

Additionally, Pipedrive offers integration capability with over 350 software tools. That means you can seamlessly integrate it with your other software without hassle.

Benefits of using Venture Capital Pipedrive CRM

Benefits of using Venture Capital Pipedrive CRM

Sourcing: Pipedrive CRM enables VCs to uncover high-value, high-potential companies and startups by allowing them to tap into industry relationships, networks, and other resources.

Investment management: it is widely known that Pipedrive CRM tracks investment’s performance, and gives VCs visibility into their portfolios, including positions, valuations, and recent activity.

Pipeline and Deals: With Pipedrive, you can visualize, track and organize your investment process and pipelines. It comes with featured tags to enable you to name your contacts according to their stages in the investment life cycle.

Automation: Pipedrive automation feature helps you improve your workflow, save time, and cut your operating expenses. You can also set triggers and desired actions that automate your routine tasks.

Insights and Reporting: No business can do without actionable customer and investment insights. Pipedrive provides these insights with no or no extra effort.

Other features of Pipedrive CRM include chat integration, invoice, and billing, contact management, email and communication tracking, etc.

Pipedrive’s Pros

Low learning curve – it is simple to use

It integrates with Zillow, Property Radar, and other 300 apps.

It is affordable for a new realtor, single agent, or real estate firm.

Pipedrive’s Cons

It has no free plan

Restrictions on some features based on the plan

Pricing details

Pricing Starts: $9.90/Month

2. Zoho CRM (Highly-customizable)

Zoho Crm Top Rated

Zoho CRM is a highly customizable cloud-based investor relationship management platform. It allows VCs to easily customize the interface to meet their investment criteria since one CRM solution doesn’t fit all industries. It also uses its database Globally and manages all the Zoho Instances of users. Thereby providing a much more reliable and secure environment as compared to any cloud-based CRM vendor.

Benefits of using Venture Capital Zoho CRM

Customizable reports 

Zoho CRM offers an interactive dashboard that allows VCs and their team to modify and analyze collected data with CRM analytics. This feature enables them to create personalized reports with the syntax and arrangement that best fits your firm’s needs and desires. For example, co-investors can use goal progress reports to track their investment performance and make necessary adjustments to their investment processes.

Omnichannel: Spark real-time conversations with the founders that interact with your firm via website, email, telephony, and social media. All from your central dashboard.  Zoho CRM allows your firm to reach out to a larger number of prospects; thereby, maintaining clear communication with your portfolio companies to a much broader extent.

Automation: Zoho CRM allows you to automate routine investment functions that may consume your time. Also, you can create leads, contacts, and deals workflows that bring high-intellectual founders on autopilot from your marketing channels.

Sales Enablement: VCs named it Investment Enablement. So, this feature empowers your team with the right tools needed to execute their jobs. With Zoho CRM, you can quickly raise and send quotes, access calendars, book appointments, and integrate Google Workspace and Office 365.

Other features include analytics, customer journey orchestration, process management, predictive sales and intelligence, team collaboration, and integrations.

Pricing details

Free Trial: 14 Days

3. Freshsales CRM–(Best for Extra feature)


Freshsales CRM is a full-stack CRM suite for Venture Capitalists to streamline the investment processes, close deals faster, and accelerate revenue.

So, If you’re a venture capitalist seeking for a CRM with extra juicy features, then Freshsales is for you. It comes with AI-powered chatbots, AI-based deal insights, automated sales campaigns, responsive web forms, and lots more. These features enable you to get high-quality companies that fit your investment criteria. It also has an extra feature that makes your invisible network visible to potential founders and lets you see the outcome of each connection you make.

Benefits of using Venture Capital FreshsalesCRM

Freddy AI: Improve your productivity with the power of artificial intelligence. Freddy AI gives you intelligent suggestions and insights on your potential companies, auto-detect duplicate contacts, predictive lead scoring, lead-generation bot, and lots more.

Workflow management: With Freshsale CRM, you will be able to know the tasks you need to complete, tasks that are being executed, their status, and the steps that you’ve completed. Freshsale CRM lets you give assignments to your team that have detailed descriptions of the work. It also provides transparency into the workflow process, which lets you catch issues before they become problems. 

Communication: Foster internal and external communication with Freshsales’s collaboration tools built by a team for a team like yours.

Other features include pipeline management, analytics, automation, governance, and mobile.


Pricing details

Free Trial: 21 Days

4. Hubspot CRM (Best for strengthening relationship)

Best Crm For Law Firms

HubSpot CRM is one of the world’s leading CRM software for Venture Capital firms. This platform is generally known for its ability to build and strengthen the relationship between Venture Capitalist and their potential founders. This is the main quality required for Venture Capital firms because good communication will enable the both parties to work collaboratively for massive returns.

Venture Capital firms can quickly use HubSpot to capture leads from their digital media assets and start instant conversations.

Benefits of using Venture Capital HubSpot CRM

Internal Chat Integration: However, with live chat integrated Hubspot CRM, you can collect the information of potential founders right from the chats and create a profile instantly. This way, you do not have to ask about details everytime they come back to chat. Instead, agents can recognize them with the information displayed in the chat window that helps in providing precise support.

Relationship tracking: As a Venture Capitalist you need software that can track interactions so you can take action according to the investment’s journey map. Interaction tracking collects data at all levels of the company.

Pipeline management and follow-ups: Hu Spot CRM lets you fully automate your follow-up and pipeline management process so that you can focus on your core investment processes.

Email tracking with intelligent insights: It lets you get in-depth details into what appeals the most to your email subscribers.

Pipeline management and follow-ups: HubSpot lets you fully automate your follow-up and pipeline management process so that you can focus on your core business.

Live chat to facilitate relationships with your clients: In a world where customers are craving near-instant responses from brands, Hubspot permits you to be there for your customers, always.

Pricing details

Free Trial: Yes

5. Zendesk Sell – (Best for customer service)

Crm For Mergers And Acquisitions

Zendesk Sell is an intuitive and modern investment solution aimed at helping Venture Capital firms to maximize returns and maintain pipeline visibility.

With Zendesk, Venture Capital firms can deliver superior customer service without extra effort. All they need to delight their customer is already available on Zendesk.

Zendesk CRM offers the following support options: Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, 24/7 (Live rep), and Chat. Any Venture Capitalist hat wants free 24/7 access to customer support and visibility into their investment pipeline to boost returns should consider Zendesk.

Benefits of using Venture Capital Zendesk CRM

Superior Customer Experience: When it comes to customer experience, no one does it better than Zendesk. It gives you a 360% view of your customers and lets you manage them from a single dashboard. Plus, Zendesk equips VC professionals with every information they need to delight and maximize returns.

Pipeline Visibility: With Zendesk, you can create predictable sales forecasts, pipeline analysis, planning and team management.

Customer support portals: Zendesk CRM has a self-serve, web-based investor  service tool where your VCs can get help quickly. Zendesk CRM support portals enable investors to find information, request support and resolve issues online easily and autonomously.

Pricing details

Free Trial: 14 Days

6.Diallog CRM (Activity-based)

Best Crm For Venture Capital

Diallog CRM is an activity-based CRM software for venture capital firms. This software introduces a new approach to digitalising all your workflows, not just your sourcing pipeline. It brings all of your team’s activities into one place and removes information silos. 


It helps VCs stay on top of all the existing and future deals, co-investors, LPs, advisors, and much more. This way Dialllog gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most.

Dialllog is the only platform that builds data-driven workflows to deliver speed for successful investments. 

Benefits of using Venture Capital DiallogCRM

Due Diligence: As an activity-based software, Diallog CRM performed a perfect activity by assessing prospective founders, startup companies, and the details of investment for suitability, risk, and value. This activity reveals upsides — and red flags.

Deal Flow management: There is often an inflow of investment opportunities, and ideas for VCs to invest in. So, Diallog CRM allows you to track them, and keep record of all. It also helps you to choose the most profitable deals and proposals, amongst others.

Pricing details

Free Trial: Yes

How do I choose the best CRM for my Venture Capital Firm?

Before selecting any CRM for your Venture Capital Firm, look out for the below-listed features. Any CRM without any of these features is not ideal for a Venture Capitalist.

Automation: A typical venture capital deal consists of hundreds or thousands of email, phone, virtual, and in-person interactions. So, VCs uses the best CRM to automate these task.

Pipeline Management and Visibility: The main focus of all VCs is to maximize returns. Proper management of the pipeline and increase in visibility of the firm guarantees good return.

Unique Reporting Capabilities: sales pipeline reports are not the same with deal sourcing reports. So, VCs need access to powerful dashboards and metrics that help them track activities and uncover new opportunities.

Implementation and Adoption:  VCs are always busy, they don’t usually time for 

months-long implementations. So, they need a CRM with good CRM that will not disrupt their workflow by getting up and running in days, not year’s.

Sourcing capability: uncovering high-potential companies and startups is very necessary for every Venture Capital firm. So, sourcing capability is a must-feature for any CRM meant for them.

This enables them to tap into industry relationships, networks, and other resources.

Investment management: it is widely known that Pipedrive CRM tracks investment’s performance, and gives VCs visibility into their portfolios. So, before the selecting the CRM of your choice, ensure it has the capability to manage your investments.

Here is a few other software you’ll need:

  1. FreshBooks:

Freshbooks is intuitive and pocket-friendly accounting software for business owners and organizations. Some of its top features include invoicing, expenses, time tracking, projects, payments, reporting, accounting, and reconciliation.

Essentially, Freshbooks takes the burden of accounting off your shoulders.

Get a 30-day Free Trail of Freshbooks here

  1. OnPay:

With OnPay, you can automate everything from payroll and human resource management. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a 5-man business or an enterprise, OnPay makes payroll management look like a piece of cake.

The best part is that you can also use it to take care of your employee – from their first day until retirement.

Get a 30-day Free trial of OnPay here

  1. Vonage:

Vonage is a business phone system that enables businesses to link their VoIP phone system to online-powered devices for communication via text or video conferencing.

Basically, Vonage supercharges your phone system for effective local and international communication.

Get a 30-day Free Trial of Vonage here.

Final Thoughts on the Best CRM for Venture Capital 

CRM software is a powerful tool for customer engagement and sales acceleration. It has the potency to transform your business when used rightly.

The best CRM for your Venture Capital firm is the one that helps you achieve your business goals. And that’s why we carefully handpicked five CRM software with unique strengths to help you make a faster and better decision.

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