Is Zendesk a CRM? (Myth Busted)

is zendesk a crm?

After analyzing many customer questions about CRM software, I discovered that a few seem consistent about Zendesk.

The questions are usually along these lines; Is Zendesk a CRM? Is Zendesk a CRM or SaaS? and Is Zendesk a CMS?

In this article, I’ll attempt to provide a detailed overview and answer all your questions about Zendesk.

Let’s go right in!

Is Zendesk a CRM Platform?

Zendesk is a suite of sales-enablement products comprising CRM, help desk, employee experience, marketplace, and more. That said, Zendesk has a CRM product, but the platform is not entirely about CRM. There are several other suites of products in the mix.

For this article, we will focus on their CRM and help desk solutions for businesses of all sizes. And how you can leverage Zendesk to scale your business like several organizations.

Zendesk Sell CRM

Zendesk CRM is an intuitive and modern sales solution aimed at helping organizations maximize productivity, maintain pipeline visibility, and grow revenue. Zendesk CRM is a powerful tool with lots of incredible features that will enable you to improve your relationship with your existing clients while attracting new ones.

Top Features of Zendesk Sell CRM

There are three top features of Zendesk CRM: productivity, customer experience & pipeline management.

1. Productivity

One of the core functionalities of CRM software is to enhance productivity, and Zendesk CRM delivers efficiently in this area. It comes with top-tier productivity tools like email integration, sales engagement, task player, power dialer, and bulk outreach functionalities.

With Zendesk CRM, you can use sales triggers to automate your workflow and eliminate manual admin work. The best part is that it allows you to focus on fulfilling your customer’s needs, increasing your revenue.

2. Better Customer Experience

When it comes to customer experience, no one does it better than Zendesk. It gives you a 360% view of your customers and lets you manage them from a single dashboard. Plus, Zendesk equips sales professionals with every information they need to delight and close a customer.

Additionally, Zendesk CRM integrates and exchanges data with Zendesk support to deliver real-time customer insights to sales and support teams.

3. Pipeline Visibility

Zendesk CRM empowers sales executives and top-level managers with intelligence analytics tools to make data-driven decisions. With Zendesk, you can create predictable sales forecasts, pipeline analysis, planning and team management.

Is Zendesk CRM Free?

No, it’s not free. Although Zendesk Sell CRM offers a 14-day risk-free trial to enable you to experience the platform before purchase. And here are the paid plans:

  • $19/ per user per month for the Team Package
  • $49/ per user per month for the Growth Package
  • $99/ per user per month for the Growth Package

Zendesk Help Desk

Zendesk Help Desk and Service is a support-enablement product that provides everything you need to deliver world-class customer support to your customers. From Omni-channel customer support to the ticketing system, Zendesk makes it easy for your customers to fall in love with your business.

Zendesk offers robust out-of-the-box support tools for your agents and customer service personnel. It enables your agents to deliver self-service at scale, manage, and respond to customers from one unified place.

Lastly, Zendesk Help Desk keeps your business in sync. No more dysfunctional and disorganized structures. Zendesk helps you to maintain a pulse in your industry. That means you can easily integrate all your third-party applications with your customer data, supporting a seamless flow of information in your business.

Zendesk Service Pricing

Zendesk Service also offers a 14-day risk-free trial to enable you to experience the platform before purchase. And the paid plans include the following:

  • $49/ per agent per month for the Suite Team Package
  • $79/ per agent per month for the Suite Growth Package
  • $99/ per agent per month for the Suite Professional Package

Is Zendesk Better than Salesforce?

There’s no definite answer to this question because the two products in question are two blue chips with different primary functionalities. Salesforce is more robust and feature-rich than Zendesk.

Salesforce Customer 360 CRM solution is the world’s first real-time CRM with tons of incredible functionalities. In comparison, Zendesk Sell CRM is a sales-focused CRM that helps a business enhance its productivity and revenue.

When considering a better option between Salesforce and Zendesk, your must first look at which will help you achieve your business goals faster. Both of them are pricey. That means another consideration should be the most budget-friendly.

Is Zendesk a CRM or SaaS?

Zendesk is a robust CRM software with a business model. SaaS is an acronym for software as a service, and Zendesk is a software company, which makes them a SaaS.

At its core, Zendesk is a SaaS with a CRM as one of its finest product offerings.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a sales-focused CRM and help desk tool, you should try Zendesk. It’s an incredible platform that can transform your business in a couple of months.

It’s a flexible and customizable platform. You can tweak it to whatever you want to achieve, and it’ll deliver. Zendesk is used by some of the world’s biggest brands like MailChimp, Tesco, Uber, and Khan Academy.

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