Maximize Your Business Potential with Vepaar: A WhatsApp CRM Automation Review (2024)

WhatsApp CRM

The world is now closer than ever. Business is evolving.

Messaging platforms are redefining business communications and commerce. With about two billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular global messaging platform out there.

What started as a messaging platform has morphed into a tool for commerce. Businesses and organizations are now using WhatsApp to market their products, not just for communication.

But, how can businesses use WhatsApp more efficiently to manage customers’ data, market, and sell their products and services?

That’s where Vepaar comes in…

A platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to accelerate sales and marketing on WhatsApp.

In this Vepaar review, you’ll get to find out the key features that come with this CRM tool and see if it’s worth it. Plus, why it is the best WhatsApp CRM for entrepreneurs and organizations

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is Vepaar?

Vepaar (formerly known as WhatsHash) is a multi-functional marketing software that enhances business operations on WhatsApp. With Veepar, businesses can create business pages, stores, polls, and carry out financial transactions on WhatsApp.

As a CRM for WhatsApp, It facilitates commerce and customer engagement on WhatsApp. Businesses can manage their customer’s data, send broadcast messages, and set quick replies from a single user-friendly dashboard.

That’s not even all. It enables business owners to create a WhatsApp sales funnel for their potential customers. Taking potential customers through a sales journey and converting them to paying customers at the end of the journey.

Vepaar is revolutionizing the way businesses engage their customers. No more broken customer experience and support. Customers can now communicate with their brands on their favourite platform and get instant responses.

Alternatively, businesses can provide instant support and assistance to their customers through Veepar on WhatsApp. Thereby increasing customer loyalty and patronage to their brand products and services.

Key Vepaar Features – What it offers?

  1. WhatsApp CRM tool
  2. Store Builder
  3. Polls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp CRM tool

Vepaar has an interesting WhatsApp CRM tool for Business Owners. If you’ve been using WhatsApp for business purposes, you’ll agree with me that it’s difficult managing an extensive database of contacts.

You’ll have to create a broadcast list or group, both of which can accommodate only a limited number of users. But, with Vepaar’s WhatsApp CRM tool, it’s like a piece of cake.

Vepaar lets you import your database of contacts into your CRM for proper management. Not just that, you’ll be able to add more information about the customer on their profiles.

Veepar Crm

There’s an option to identify your contacts’ through unique tags and funnels. It helps in customer segmentation and the personalization of messages. So you can send them messages at each level of their sales journey.

Auto-replies are another surprising aspect of the WhatsApp CRM. It allows you to create personalized auto-replies that resonate with your audience. You can use Vepaar’s Dynamic Quick Replies to add more personalization tags to your replies.

Vepaar’s CRM tool lets you export your contacts as well. You can use multiple export formats, just with a click of the button, and you’re good.

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Store Builder

Vepaar store empowers business owners to go beyond client’s communication on WhatsApp. It enables them to build online, attract customers and sell their products on their favourite platform.

With Vepaar store builder, it’s super easy to get your store up and running. It is interesting to note that the platform offers payment integration options with Stripe, Razorpay, Pay Later, Flutter and Paystack. Choose the payment gateway that works in your country, and you’re set.

Like a functional online store, you can add as many products as you want to your Vepaar store. Not just products, there are also options to add product variations. Variations like product colours, sizes, weights, and other units of measurement.

Here’s another cool one, you can easily add shipping or delivery fees to all products in your store. Vepaar lets you either choose a flat shipping rate or a percentage of the product price. It can be automated.

Aside from your WhatsApp contacts, Facebooks ads can be instrumental in driving sales on the store. Add your Facebook tracking pixel to your store before kicking off your ads on Facebook for maximum conversions.

Veepar Store

Polls on WhatsApp

Polls are vital for customer surveys and audience sampling. It’s how you get to know the needs, wants, and pain points of your customers. A successful poll can save you from investing in the wrong products.

With Vepaar, you can create polls directly from your dashboard. After creating the polls, you can send them to WhatsApp contacts with a unique link to cast their votes. The results will show on your dashboard.

Famous use cases of polls involve using it to get feedback on your services, sample the demand of a product, and seek opinions on a new product. When used effectively, polls could improve your sales results.

Veepar Store

Other Features of Vepaar

i) Tickets Management system: for customer support

ii) WhatsApp link generator: to generate unique WhatsApp links

iii) Unique custom domains for your store

iv) Online store revenue and usage analytics

v) Third-party app CRM integration

Vepaar Pricing

Veepar Pricing

The pricing plan is divided into four categories: free, basic, pro, and agency plan. The free plan is for small businesses and solopreneurs that are just starting.

The basic plan starts at $4.99/per month and $49.99 annually. In this plan, users can add up to 100 products to the store and have an asset library of 50Mb – among other features.

The pro plan starts at $14.99/per month and $149.99 annually. This plan offers a handful of options, including Zapier integration, Veepar API, Personalised onboarding, and ongoing consultation.

The agency plan starts at $29.99/per month and $299.99 annually. It’s a total package for agencies, with unlimited products storage and asset library capacity.

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Final Verdict – Is Vepaar worth it?

We cannot deny the apparent fact that Vepaar is one of the most functional WhatsApp CRM tools. Personally, I’ve tried to find a WhatsApp funnel, CRM, and automation tool for my business but couldn’t find one.

You can hardly get a WhatsApp tool that has all the features that Vepaar possesses. I’ve used Vepaar and also recommended it to some businesses, and the results are always incredible.

Most small businesses acquired their first paying through WhatsApp. By leveraging on broadcast messages and status updates. Mine too.

Imagine how much more you can achieve when you integrate a feature-rich platform like Vepaar into your WhatsApp. The possibility becomes endless.

I strongly recommend Vepaar for business owners, consultants, non-profit organizations, and schools that want to leverage the power of WhatsApp.

It offers a free trial, which is the best place to start, test out the platform yourself.

Click here to claim your Vepaar FREE account

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