Top 12 Best CRM Software For Coaches: Freemium Tools (2024)

CRM Software For Coaches

The global coaching landscape has grown beyond the usual offline coach-to-client sessions and administrations. Digital transformation is redefining the next frontiers of coaching and consultancy.

Fortunately, CRM for coaching is at the forefront of this revolution. Today, we can see the likes of Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and John Maxwell, to name a few, coaching thousands of people globally from the comfort of their homes.

The big questions are, how are they able to track the progress of each of their students? How are they able to consistently onboard new students? And do much more at scale.

In this article, I will share the 12 best CRM for coaches that will enable you to amplify your coaching business and serve more clients worldwide.

The best part is that these CRMs don’t cost an arm and a leg. Whether you have a low or fat budget, there’s a CRM for you.

Without further ado, let’s get in.

So, What is a Coaching CRM?

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. As the name implies, CRM software is a system that enhances customer relationships through automation and workflows.

Coaching CRM is a software tool that helps coaches to automate, follow up and manage their client’s relationships. A coaching CRM can transform a coaching business from appointment scheduling to progress tracking.

When done right, a CRM tool can be a potent tool for a coach. Whether a free, affordable, or expensive CRM doesn’t matter. What matters most is how best the coach can use it to scale their business.

A recent survey suggests that life coaching is growing fast. Between 2015-2020, the number of life coaches went up by 33%.

Drawing from the above statistics, there’s an increasing level of competition in the coaching industry. And to win, you need more than industry knowledge. You need a software tool that will enable you to develop and solidify a genuine relationship with your clients from anywhere.

The Best CRM for Coaches

1. Keap CRM

Keap Crm For Coaches

Keap is one of the industry’s leading CRM for coaches and speakers. It’s an intuitive CRM tool that helps coaches automate their practices from start to finish.

Whether you’re a life coach, wellness coach, business coach, or even football coach doesn’t matter. Keap CRM has enough room for all kinds of coaching businesses and the necessary tool to help automate their business.

Best of all, with Keap CRM, you don’t need an accounting tool like Freshbooks. It comes with some in-built accounting functionalities like retainer fee alerts, quotes, invoicing, and payment processing.

Top Features of Keap CRM

  • Attract and convert new leads into clients
  • Allows clients to automatically schedule appointments from anywhere
  • Predictably generate new business with client referrals
  • Send personalized text and email messages
  • New clients onboarding and lead nurturing.


Keap provides you with a 14-day risk-free trial for you to test all the features available. After this, you can choose a monthly payment option from any of the following:

  • $129/month for Pro Package (2 users & up to 1500 contacts)
  • $199/month for Max Package (3 users & up to 2500 contacts)

2. MeetRecord

Meetrecord For Coaches

MeetRecord is a high-intelligence coaching CRM for businesses. It’s a simple and coaching-focused solution for sales coaches that wants to accelerate revenue and close deals faster.

One of the most remarkable features of MeetRecord is that it lets you transcribe your zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings to make them accessible at your fingertips. This means you don’t need to repeat a particular session. You can just transcribe and send it in multiple formats.

Top Features of MeetRecord

  • Record and share coaching recordings and transcripts
  • Facilitate onboarding and identify best practices
  • Get actionable insights and decisions to make data-driven decisions
  • Easy handoffs from SDR to AE to success


MeetRecord has a free forever plan for individuals and teams doing about 50 meetings per month. You can choose from any of their paid plans if you want to access more features.

  • $19/per user per month for Grow Package
  • $29/per user per month for the Scale Package

3. Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive Crm For Coaches

Pipedrive is a generic sales-based CRM solution for teams of all sizes. Even though it’s generic, it also has some specific functionalities that coaches can benefit from to grow their businesses.

With over 100,000 businesses onboard, Pipedrive CRM is a top-rated CRM solution with tangible results. If you’re looking at attracting more clients to your life coaching business, then Pipedrive is for you.

It allows you to set up a pipeline seamlessly, track progresses, and automate growth. And that’s not all; It’ll help you gain deeper insights about your clients, so you can better serve them.

Top Features of Pipedrive CRM

  • Schedule reminders for all your client’s appointments
  • Collaborate with your team members in a coaching session
  • Forecast sales volume and revenue based on your pipeline
  • Quickly get details from your clients with an intuitive web form
  • Segment your clients and create targeted lists


Pipedrive offers a 14-day Free Professional plan trial for you to test all the features available. After this, you can choose a monthly payment option from any of the following:

  • $9.90/Per user per month for the essential package
  • $19.90/Per user per month for the advanced package
  • $39.90/Per user per month for the professional package
  • $59.90/ Per user per month for the enterprise package

4. My Coach Office

Mycoachoffice Crm For Coaching

My Coach Office is a unique and simplistic CRM solution for life coaches. It removes the administrative bottlenecks of the coaching profession and allows you to focus only on what matters most.

It helps you automate routine things like booking schedules, coaching sessions, invoicing, client processes, and even marketing. Although, it’s more coaching-focused. This means all features of My Coach Office are geared towards coaching-related activities.

Features of My Coach Office

  • Connect and nurture the relationship with your clients
  • Marketing resources to help you scale
  • Single dashboard for all your administrative activities.


My Coach Office gives a 14-day Free trial for coaches that wants to leverage their platform. After which, you can choose a monthly payment option from any of the following:

  • $19/month for the kick-starter package
  • $39/month for the premium package
  • $79/month for the enterprise package

5. ActiveCampaign CRM

Activecampaign Crm For Coaches

ActiveCamapign takes coaching and sales automation to another level with its seamless workflows. And you don’t have a technical person to use it. They’re all straightforward and have a low learning curve.

No more digging through emails and documents to extra a piece of information, ActiveCampaign’s AI feature automatically recalls information at will. It’s also open to integrating tons of applications you already use.

Additionally, it comes with a UI-friendly mobile application that lets you work from any location at any time.

Top Features of ActiveCampaign CRM

  • Powerful contact management system with AI functionality
  • Lead scoring to segment leads according to their stages in the life cycle
  • Seamlessly connect with Gmail, Outlook, or other email providers
  • Follow-up with prospects with a superior customer experience system


ActiveCampiagn CRM gives a 14-day Free trial for coaches that wants to leverage their platform. After which, you can choose a monthly payment option from any of the following:

  • $29/per user per month for the lite package
  • $49/per user per month for the plus package
  • $149/per user per month for the professional package

6. Zoho

Zoho Crm For Coaches

Zoho’s booking software is arguably the best CRM for life coaches. It’s the software assistant you never knew you needed.

Zoho helps you with everything from self-scheduling to instant notifications. You’ll only need to set it up once, and that’s it. Whenever someone signs up for your coaching program, it’ll send you instant notifications on multiple platforms.

Aside from its specific booking features, Zoho has other incredible functionalities like AI Assistant, pipeline automation, contact management, and many more.

Top Features of Zoho CRM

  • Sync bookings with events on your Google and Zoho calendars
  • Allow clients to choose between face-to-face meetings or video calls
  • Contact management made easy
  • Built-in marketing and sales tools for attracting clients
  • Schedule small sessions and meetups with Zoho bookings


You can start Zoho Bookings with its  free 14-day trial plan for individuals and teams. As usual, other exciting features exist when you opt for any paid methods below.

  • $6/per user per month for Basic Package
  • $9/per user per month for Premium Package

7. CoachAccountable

Coachaccountable Crm For Life Coaches

As the name implies, CoachAccountable is a coach-centric CRM for life, wellness, and other types of coaches. With CoachAccountable, you can activate a system that follow-up up with your clients, ensuring that they accomplish their given tasks.

Whether you’re doing group, organizational, or individual coaching, CoachAccountable arms you with all the necessary tools to look professional.

Most importantly, It’ll help you get better results for your clients through its self-serving follow-up functionalities.

Top Features of CoachAccountable

  • Track progress and effectively manage coaching programs
  • Engage clients and allow them to demonstrate their learnings
  • Transparent records of coaching effectiveness
  • Shared resources for consistent program quality
  • A mobile app for accessible communication and accessibility


CoachAccountable offers a free 30-day trial to allow users to test all platform functionalities before purchasing a paid plan.

  • $20/per month for Starter Package (2 clients)
  • $40/per month for Level 1 Package (5 clients)
  • $70/per month for Level 2 Package (10 clients)
  • $120/per month for Level 3 Package (20 clients)
  • $200/per month for Level 3.5 Package (35 clients)
  • $250/per month for the Level 4 Package (50 clients)
  • $340/per month for Level 4.5 Package (75 clients)
  • $400/per month for the Level 5 Package (100 clients)

8. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot Crm For Coaches

Hubspot is among the world’s top-rated CRM for businesses. Surprisingly, they have a Free CRM you can leverage if you’re just starting your coaching business. And it gives you most of the vital features you’ll need to grow your business.

Hubspot CRM can track sales in real-time, providing you with the correct information at the right time. A thing I love about Hubspot is its ease of use. You don’t need to spend months learning how to use it, it’s just a matter of a few days, and you’re set.

Top Features of Hubspot CRM

  • Email tracking with intelligent insights
  • Pipeline management and follow-ups
  • Live chat to facilitate the relationships with your clients
  • Meeting scheduler with embed forms


Hubspot CRM starts with a Free Forever Plan for coaches and other types of businesses. If you want to scale your business, you might opt-in for one of their paid plans.

  • $45/ per month for the Starter Package
  • $800/per month for Professional Package
  • $3600/per month for Enterprise Package

9. FreshSales CRM

Freshsales Crm For Coaches

Freshsales is a sales-oriented CRM and more. Coaches can leverage Freshsales to improve relationships and attract and onboard new clients. Although it’s a coaching-focused-CRM, it still has many valuable features that’ll benefit coaches globally.

One of its most incredible functionality is Feddy AI. This AI-powered assistant assists business owners in deal insights, real-time slack integration, and dynamic forecasting. Generally speaking, it drives deals to closure faster and enhances sales conversions.

Top Features of Freshsales CRM

  • Improve effectiveness by streamlining sales processes
  • Use AI-powered Chatbots to chat with visitors in real-time
  • Focus only on the best opportunities with Contact Scoring
  • Understand your clients inside-out with a 360% customer view
  • Quickly capture your visitor’s information with web forms


Freshsales has a free forever plan you can begin with. After which, you can choose a monthly payment option from any of the following:

  • $15/per user per month for the growth package
  • $39/per user per month for the pro package
  • $69/per user per month for the enterprise package

10. Paperbell

Paperbell Crm For Life Coaches

Paperbell is a simple and intuitive CRM software for coaches. Paperbell understands that most coaches are not technically inclined. Hence they built the CRM in the simplest possible way. Plus, it has a low learning curve.

Whether you’re a one-person coach or a team of coaches, Paperbell will serve you well. It allows your clients to have their customized portal to self-schedule appointments, answer surveys, and make payments.

Also, You can integrate video callings platforms like Zoom & Google Meet for virtual conferences and consultations.

Top Features of Paperbell

  • Allow clients to self-schedule appointments based on your idea availability
  • Sell single or multi-session packages
  • Custom branding across your checkout experience
  • Allow clients to e-sign on coaching contracts and agreements
  • Customized clients management boards
  • Create bespoke landing pages for each of your offerings
  • Quickly adding digital downloads to every coaching session
  • Group coaching functionality


Paperball has only one pricing option, which goes for $40 per month. Although, you can start with their free plan.

11. Delenta

Dalenta Crm For Coaches

Delenta helps you streamline your coaching business to the most vital things. It’s a platform built for coaches by coaches. Everything you could need to take your coaching business to the next level is on Delenta.

It goes beyond a casual CRM for coaches. It’s an all-in-one tool for mentoring, consultation, and administration. With Delenta, you can access marketing tools for attracting and retaining clients, a payment integration tool, and a clean dashboard.

Top Features of Dalenta

  • Payment integration for effortless payments
  • Frictionless scheduling experience for your coaching
  • Seamless prospect and client management
  • Manage single and group coaching sessions with ease
  • Easily sell single and retainer coaching packages


Dalenta offers a 30-day free trial enabling you to test all the core functionalities of the project. Here are the paid plans:

  • $19/per user per month for the starter package
  • $39/per user per month for the pro package
  • $59/per user per month for the premium package

12.Practice Better

Practice Better

Practice Better is one of the best CRMs for wellness coaches and nutritionists. Due to the peculiarity of the wellness profession, it needs a CRM that appeals to the needs of wellness experts and meets the industry’s regulatory standards.

Most importantly, Practice Better helps wellness professionals in three primary areas: client management, client accountability, and scheduling and billing.

Top Features of Practice Better

  • Create and share professional recommendations
  • Give your clients the right tools to reach their health goals
  • Allow clients to book sessions and easily make payments


Practice Better provides you with a 14-day risk-free trial for you to test all the features available. After this, you can choose a monthly payment option from any of the following:

  • $25/month for Starter Plan
  • $59/month for Professional Plan
  • $89/month for Plus Plan
  • $145/month for Team Plan

Final Verdict

Statistically, 92% of businesses claim that CRM played an essential role in achieving their income goals. A CRM is more than a fancy tool for contact management. It has become a necessity for a 21st-century business.

An effective CRM tool will help you do business better and make more revenue, whatever type of coaching program you’re currently running.

All the CRMs listed here were carefully handpicked based on their primary features, price points, and customer review. So that, at whatever stage of business you are, you can find a CRM that’ll work for you here.

Choosing the CRM that appeals to your business goals and pocket size is advisable. To enable you to use it for a longer time without the urge to switch CRMs anytime soon.

Kindly comment if you have any questions or concerns.

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