Top 7 Best CRM For Food Industry | Updated (2024)

Best CRM For Food Industry

Getting the best CRM software for food and restaurant businesses depends on your unique needs and preferences. While some persons might prefer a budget-friendly CRM, others might prefer a sales-focused CRM.

Nevertheless, in whatever category you belong, we have curated the best CRM software to solve your immediate business needs.

Nearly 64% of consumers would still prefer going to a restaurant over delivery and ordering via smartphone or tablet.

– Nation’s Restaurant News

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So, What is the Best CRM for Food and Restaurant Industry?

Overall, we recommend Pipedrive as the best CRM software in the food and restaurant industry as it has a higher customer retention capability. 

The success of every food and restaurant industry is highly dependent on its customer retention rate; as that’s the only factor that can boost its growth. A report has shown that the average restaurant has a customer retention rate of only around 30%. This means that for every customer that visits your restaurant, 70% of them are unlikely ever to return.

So,  Pipedrive CRM has been proven in allowing restaurant owners to follow up their customers by tracking their preference, sending them follow up mails, and special offers that will keep them coming back for more.

Alongside the overall best, we have listed other incredible CRMs with their unique advantages.

1. Pipedrive - Best Overall

Best Crm For Real Estate Canada

Used by over 100,000 companies globally, Pipedrive stands as one of the most-preferred CRM in the food industry globally.

Essentially, CRMs is a sales-oriented CRM that helps organizations effortlessly sell more. On average, it allows salespeople to close 28% more deals than they would normally do.

It’s highly recommended for food and Restaurant industries that want to focus more on the sales aspect of their business and those with limited technical support staff. Pipedrive’s feature of having an already-to-use standard sales pipeline that can be easily updated to suit your needs sets it apart from others.

And that’s not even all. Pipedrive empowers restaurants to automate repetitive tasks, gain deeper insights into their clients, manage leads, and delight customers.

Benefits of using Pipedrive CRM in Food and Restaurant Industries

Customer tracking: To make your customers order for more, use Pipedrive CRM. It allows companies to gather insights to understand their customer’s behaviors and preferences better. With this data, you discover who your customers are, what they need from you, and how you can give them the best experience possible.

Pipeline and Deals: With Pipedrive, you can visualize, track, and organize your sales process and channels. It comes with featured tags to enable you to name your customers’ contacts according to their stages in the life cycle.

Automation: The Pipedrive CRM automation feature helps you improve your workflow, save time, and cut operating expenses. You can also set triggers and desired actions that automate your routine tasks.

Live chat: With Pipedrive CRM, you can have real-time conversations with potential and existing customers, strengthening the relationship. This makes them order for more.

Insights and Reporting: Businesses can only do with actionable customer and sales insights. Pipedrive provides these insights with no or no extra effort.

Other features of Pipedrive CRM include chat integration, invoice and billing, contact management, email, and communication tracking.

Pricing details

Pricing Starts: $9.90/Month

2. Zoho CRM - Budget Option

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Are you looking for a feature-rich CRM in the food industry on a budget? Then, look no further than Zoho CRM.

Zoho is a fusion of A.I. and innovation. It’s an end-to-end, fully customizable CRM solution for growing a food outlet.

From finance to marketing to contact management, Zoho empowers business owners to transform their businesses with ease digitally.

Plus, it has many out-of-the-box functionalities to help you increase your market share, work and collaborate efficiently.

Benefits of using Zoho CRM in Food and Restaurant Industries

Sales Force Automation: Zoho’s sales force automation allows you to automate routine sales, marketing, and support functions that consume your time. Also, you can create leads, contacts, and deals workflows that bring customers on autopilot from your marketing channels.

Omni-channel: Spark real-time conversations with customers and prospects that interact with your brand via website, email, telephone, and social media. All from your central dashboard.

Sales Enablement: Empower your sales team with the right tools needed to execute their jobs. With Zoho, you can quickly raise and send quotes, access calendars, book appointments, and integrate Google Workspace and Office 365.

Customizable templates: Zoho CRM Custom templates are a page (or group of pages) you create yourself and then save as a template. Creating it by yourself allows you to tailor it to your restaurant business needs. 

Other features include analytics, customer journey orchestration, process management, predictive sales and intelligence, team collaboration, and integrations.

Pricing details

Pricing Starts: $15/Month

3. Freshsales CRM - Best Extra Features

Real Estate Crm Software Canada

As the name implies, Freshsales CRM empowers hotel and restaurant owners to streamline their sales process, close deals faster, and accelerate revenue.

If you’re a food and hospitality business seeking a CRM with extra juicy features, then Freshsales is your guy.

Freshsales come with AI-powered chatbots, AI-based deal insights, automated sales campaigns, responsive web forms, and lots more.

With Freshsales, you can quickly generate more opportunities and manage your pipeline.

Benefits of using Freshsales CRM in Food and Restaurant Industries

Workflow management: With Freshsales CRM, you will be able to know the tasks you need to complete, jobs that are being executed, their status, and the steps that you’ve completed. It also provides transparency into the workflow process, which lets you catch issues in the food ordering before they become problems. 

Report analysis: Freshsales CRM provides food delivery and customer support information. With these Reports, you can make your analysis focused and efficient to make sound business decisions. 

Freddy AI: Improve your productivity with the power of artificial intelligence. Freddy AI gives you intelligent suggestions and insights on your customers, auto-detects duplicate contacts, predictive lead scoring, lead-generation bot, and lots more at zero cost.

Communication: Foster internal and external communication with Freshsales’s collaboration tools built by a team for a team like yours.

Other features include pipeline management, analytics, automation, governance, and mobile.

Pricing details

Pricing Starts: $15/Month

4. HubSpot - Best for Usability

Best Crm For Mergers And Acquisitions

HubSpot  CRM is a cloud-based platform generally known for its ability to build and strengthen relationships with customers in the food industry. This is the leading quality required for any food industry that wants to enhance its relationship with its customers because restaurants that regularly communicate with their customers are 500% more likely to increase their customer retention rate.

The idea here is that HubSpot CRM allows you to send educational content to your leads to keep them engaged; the more they return for more educational content, the more they become convinced that your restaurant is the safest place to buy food.

Benefits of using HubSpot CRM in Food Industries

Relationship tracking: As a restaurant owner, you need software to track interactions to take action according to your restaurant journey map. Interaction tracking collects data about customers’ experiences at all restaurant levels and keeps track of customers who have purchased food and that of potential customers.

Lead nurturing: Hubspot CRM enables you to engage with prospective customers by providing appropriate content at each sales funnel stage, knowing their needs.

Email tracking with intelligent insights: Hubspot CRM lets you fully automate your follow-up and pipeline management process so that you can focus on your core business.

Live chat to facilitate relationships with your customers: In a world where customers are craving near-instant brand responses, Hubspot permits you to always be there for your customers.

Pricing details

Pricing Starts: $45/Month

5. Zendesk - Best for Customer Service

Crm For Mergers And Acquisitions

Zendesk Sell is an intuitive and modern sales solution aimed at helping organizations maximize productivity, maintain pipeline visibility, and grow revenue.

Zendesk CRM is a powerful tool with many incredible features that will enable you to improve your relationship with your existing clients while attracting new ones.

With Zendesk, food businesses can deliver superior customer service without extra effort. All they need to delight their customer is already available on Zendesk.

Benefits of using Zendesk CRM in Food and Restaurant Industries

Zendesk Chat: Zendesk CRM offers you a live chat solution and support to increase sales conversation through engaging leads on your food industry websites.

Multilingual – The localized admin interface of Zendesk CRM is available in over 45 local languages. You can localize the help center contents so it can be displayed in a different language as stated by the locale code in the URL

Superior Customer Experience: Regarding customer experience, no CRM does it better than Zendesk. It gives you a 360% view of your customers and lets you manage them from a single dashboard. 

Zendesk Explore: The Zendesk CRM platform offers instant access to customer and business analytics to measure and boost the entire customer service. 

Pricing details

Pricing Starts: $19/Month

6. Gofrugal CRM - (Extra Features)

Crm For Food Industry

Gofrugal CRM is a full-stack customer relationship management platform designed specifically for the Food and Restaurant industries to market objectively and sell strategically.
Gofrugal’s extra features give you complete control over your food industry.
Gofrugal CRM has an extra feature that makes your invisible network visible to your customers and lets you see the outcome of each purchase they make.

It offers actual-time store reporting with notifications for sales, margins, bill edits, aging stock alerts, and daily business summaries.

Benefits of using Gofrugal CRM in Food and Restaurant Industries

Reporting and analytics: Gofrugal CRM data analysis gathers customer, sales, marketing, and product data and transforms it into easily understood visuals. It gives insights into your customers and how well your sales and customer service teams reach them.

Cost Management: With Gofrugal CRM, you can plan and control the costs of running your food business. It includes collecting, analyzing, and reporting cost information to budget, forecast, and monitor costs more effectively.

POS point of sale: Gofrugal CRM allows food and restaurant industries to track leads, record customer purchase habits, and increase sales automatically. This automation can save you time and money by eliminating the labor required to input data manually.

Cost tracking: A sound cost-tracking system makes cutting unnecessary costs easier for the food industry. So, with Gofrugal CRM, you can record your daily or monthly expenses and analyze where your money goes.

Pricing details

Pricing Starts: $19/Month

7. Marketman CRM– (Best for usability)

Crm For Food Industry

Marketman CRM is a cloud-based restaurant inventory management and purchasing app that streamlines procurement, delivery, and accounting. With its usability nature, you can set up real-time status alerts via text and email to gain more control over the restaurant’s inventory and track waste and theft. It makes it easy for food industries to track price changes, inventory subs, and shorts and control inventory with real-time updates. This reduces costly errors.

Marketman’s software eliminates paper ordering and enables users to set up vendors and inventory items for placing B2B orders electronically.

Benefits of using Marketman CRM in Food and Restaurant Industries

Inventory management: Marketman allows restaurant owners to take data from purchase orders and compare them to customer orders to give you a snapshot of current fulfillment capabilities. This CRM system automates engagement tasks that generally take precious time to complete.

Order management: With this Marketman CRM, you can allow restaurant owners to access your product catalog for inclusion in quotes easily. You can add customers’ purchase history, product preferences, and wishlist information to their profile. 

Invoicing: Marketman CRM empowers your restaurant sales and accounts people to quickly create accurate invoices, automate customer reminders, and actively track open invoices to enable payment collection.

Pricing details

Free Trial: yes

Other Software Tools Needed In The Food Industry

  1. FreshBooks:

Freshbooks is intuitive and pocket-friendly accounting software for business owners and organizations. Some of its top features include invoicing, expenses, time tracking, projects, payments, reporting, accounting, and reconciliation.

Essentially, Freshbooks takes the burden of accounting off your shoulders.

Get a 30-day Free Trail of Freshbooks here

  1. OnPay:

With OnPay, you can automate everything from payroll and human resource management. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a 5-man business or an enterprise, OnPay makes payroll management look like a piece of cake.

The best part is that you can also use it to take care of your employee – from their first day until retirement.

Get a 30-day Free trial of OnPay here

  1. Vonage:

Vonage is a business phone system that enables businesses to link their VoIP phone system to online-powered devices for communication via text or video conferencing.

Basically, Vonage supercharges your phone system for effective local and international communication.

Get a 30-day Free Trial of Vonage here.

Final Thoughts on the Best CRM In the Food Industry

CRM software is a powerful tool for customer engagement and sales acceleration. It has the potency to transform your business when used rightly.

The best CRM in the food industry is the one that helps you achieve your business goals. And that’s why we carefully handpicked seven CRM software with unique strengths to help you make a faster and better decision.

Have any questions or concerns about these CRM? Kindly leave a comment, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurants and fast foods use CRM to manage their customer records, orders, invoicing, and human resource. Yes, CRMs are useful to restaurants. 

Restaurants capture customers data using POS terminals which synchronises and passes information to their CRMs. That means, POS terminals and CRMs work hand-in-hand.  

KFC uses a custom-built CRM to handle orders, invoicing, customer data, and stocks. 

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  1. Avatar Of Michael Turner Michael Turner says:

    I need some advice, i am a single person ice cream vendor operating out of a van. I am looking to scale and move into the wholesale market servicing cafes / restaurants. i don’t have any crm i use xero for my accounting and i am looking for some simple software that will integrate with xero.
    what would you suggest???

    • Avatar Of Viktor. A Viktor. A says:

      Thank you for reading our post.

      Since you’re a small scale business owner offering field service, you cannot do without the below features;
      Budget friendly CRM, perfect route optimization CRM, quality sales-focused CRM, lead generation CRM.

      Pipedrive CRM, Hubspot CRM, Service Monster, and Field Complete are the best for your service.

      Pipedrive CRM
      Route Optimization–5%
      Customer retention—60%

      Hubspot CRM
      budget friendly—50%
      Route optimization—20%
      Customer retention—99%

      Service Monster
      Budget friendly—10%
      Customer retention—70%
      Route optimization— 97%

      Field complete
      Customer retention—70%
      Budget friendly—-99%
      Route optimization—87%

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